Bakery - Angelinas Bakery



Everything is made fresh daily

We offer a variety of freshly baked breads and sweets

Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon Curd, Strawberries and Cream, Cookies and Cream, and Lemon Cream.
Specialty cake filling flavors available upon request. Additional charge may apply.
Our standard fillings will compliment any cake combination that you decide. These are the basis for a great wedding cake. All of our premium fillings are made fresh and from scratch, and we take great pride in this.
Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Praline Truffle, Lingonberry, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Frangelico Cream, Almond Coconut Cream, Cream Cheese, and Caramel. These premium fillings are the next level up from our standard cake fillings. The premium fillings involve a greater level of expertise and they require more expensive ingredients.
These fillings are the at the top of the industry and we assure you that any cake with a premium filling will never be forgotten by you or any of your guests.