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Heavenly Wedding Cake

IMG_0231One of the best parts of any wedding is definitely the cake. Wedding cakes must not only look fabulous, but taste good too!
As the centerpiece of your reception, your cake should represent the theme of your wedding and reflect your overall vision. Consider the style, shape, color and adornments.
The eyes of all your guests will automatically rivet to the layers of cream, frosting and sugar with which you will cap the evening by cutting for all to share. So, when you are choosing your wedding cake, you have to make sure that it not only matches the style and theme of your wedding and reception, but that it is a proper reflection of you as a couple.

The wedding cake is an important part of the reception and symbolizes so much more than just a tasty dessert

The Taste
Wedding cakes can come in a multitude of flavors. In the past, necessity dictated that the wedding cake be made with fruits and brandy – very similar to a Christmas cake. The fruit cake was an ideal wedding cake as it kept for a long time and the ingredients made it a rich and expensive offering that could not be indulged in every day