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Welcome to Angelina’s Bakery Established 1998
Angelina’s bakery located on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula! Established in 1998 we take great pride in providing exceptional service and offering high-quality pastries to all our valued customers. Nestled within our doors is not just a bakery, but a haven of delectable treats, a small deli serving savory delights, and an espresso bar for your daily dose of comfort.
Starting with our breakfast pastries, we offer a variety of mouthwatering options to kickstart your day with a delightful treat. From flaky croissants to freshly baked scones, we have the perfect pastries to accompany your morning coffee.

If you have a sweet tooth, our selection of Italian cookies and pastries is sure to impress. Indulge in traditional delights like fruit tarts, biscotti, and tiramisu, crafted with love and attention to detail.